Tips To Keep Your Garage Door Looking Very Nice This Year

That garage door of yours is one of the main influencers on people's perception of your home. It's such a big, noticeable feature that it's best to concentrate on keeping that door looking very good. For the most part, that means ensuring the visible surface is clean and free of damage, and there are a few more things you can do to make the door look that much nicer.

Remember the Garage Side of the Windows

If you have a garage door with windows, remember to clean the garage-interior side of the windows, too. Those are easy to forget because you can clean them only from the inside of your garage, and chances are that when you're in there, the door is open -- and you can't access the windows unless you get up on a ladder that lets you reach the ceiling. Give the interior side of the windows a good cleaning now and then to get rid of dust and make the glass really shine.

Move Sports Equipment

Many homes still have that basketball hoop above the garage, or the standalone hoop somewhere in the driveway. While a few hits from a stray basketball won't dent the door (if they do, it's really time to get a new garage door), they can eventually make the door dingy and possibly scrape the paint, if the ball hits at the wrong angle. There's also the risk of the ball hitting a glass pane, if you have those. Move the sports equipment away; put the standalone hoop on the backyard patio, facing away from the house (so players throw the ball away from glass patio doors). You may be able to find portable "floors," too, that allow you to place the hoop on the lawn, further away from the house.

On the inside of the garage, ensure loose sports equipment like skis are kept away from the door. If they fall over, they can break glass panes.

Clean Edges and Divisions

If your garage door is segmented, ensure you clean the edges of each segment as well as the front of the door. The dust and leaf bits that get trapped in between the segments can make the door panels look duller and like they haven't been cared for in ages. Simply dusting these, along with running a damp cloth along the edges, can work wonders.

Inspect Tracks and Door Yearly

If the tracks and door start to get out of alignment, that's going to affect how your house looks. Don't wait for the tracks to start to deteriorate with age and use; inspect that door and its tracks yearly.

Call an overhead door company to do the inspection; you might also ask about cleaning services if they have those. With regular maintenance, your garage door should continue to work well for a long time and add some curb appeal to your home.